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Pūtangitangi is the Māori name for Paradise duck, a bird found only in New Zealand

Pūtangitangi are a large goose-like duck found only in New Zealand. Now commonly referred to as the 'Paradise duck', it is a prized game bird. Both the male and female have striking plumage: the drake has a black head and a barred black body, while the duck has a white head with a bright orange chestnut body. Pūtangitangi generally mate for life, feeding and flying together. Their alternating calls form a haunting two-tone cry – the male a deep 'honk', the female a higher 'heek'. The Māori name, pūtangitangi, refers to this call.

Pūtangitangi were an important, and in some favoured districts a considerable portion of, food for Māori. When the duck were moulting they became very fat and unable to fly and it was at this time that the rahui (which protected the birds during their breeding season) was lifted.


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