There is some exciting progress being made within Wigram Skies by way of the road developments.

The Kittyhawk Drive connection between Skyhawk Road and Corsair Drive currently remains closed to the public. It is still listed as a private road but will eventually be vested in Christchurch City Council (CCC).

Residents and members of the public are being reminded to please abide by the Downer signage to not use the road as it is closed for Health & Safety reasons. The Health and Safety reasons being referred to are associated with the on-going movement of heavy machinery entering and exiting the construction site from this road.

The Runway from Skyhawk Road to Hayton Road is now sealed and largely complete. There is however still work required down this stretch, particularly associated with the following:

  1. The bridge over the stormwater basins,
  2. Completion of the berms and tidying the fronts of the residential lots.

The road will remain closed until the above work is complete, which is expected by the end of the year.

Work on the intersection of Valiant Street and Wigram Road is finally underway. The work being carried out will also encompass CCC works to upgrade the Wigram Road frontage between Valiant Street and the Skyhawk Road roundabout. This particular project is anticipated to take approximately three months.

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